Business security

The business security assurance problem is the task of any business entity (company), irrespective of the type of its activities, location, and number of employees.


Relevance. Business security problems are especially often encountered by those businessmen who expand their activities in other countries and establish subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in new markets. Therefore, it is obvious that they face problems of running remote affiliated companies or company divisions, transparency of their operations, their efficiency and profitability.


Practice shows that most often these problems arise because of the following reasons:

  • Failure to perform or improper performance of the new market environment analysis (insufficient knowledge of the legislation of the new market and practice of its application, unawareness of local habits and business traditions, lack of knowledge of the competitive environment, etc.);
  • improperly selected, irresponsible, disloyal and dishonest executives of remote companies and other managerial personnel and insufficient control over their activities;
  • the absence of a confidential information protection system or its inefficiency.

Experience shows that most often any company begins thinking about its business security only when it suffers large financial losses due to various threats.

An effective business security assurance system is an integrated system, which encompasses measures based on legal, economic, organisational, technical, social, psychological, and latest scientific and technological achievements.

Objects of business security assurance are as follows:

  • business processes;
  • management and personnel;
  • assets (materials, finished products, accounts receivable, cash, etc.);
  • cash and material values;
  • technologies;
  • information;
  • goodwill;
  • other objects.


Concept of threat Often businessmen have a very narrow understanding of what business threats are and see them only as physical risks to their company’s assets or a person.

Threat to the business is a potential or actual possible event, action or process, which may affect the stability, growth of the activities of a business entity or cause their entire termination of the activities.

Threats to business security are grouped into five main groups:

  • threats related to competitive struggle;
  • threats related to the human factor;
  • threats related to state regulation and activities of state authorities (corruption, imperfection and instability of legislation, etc.)
  • threats related to organised crime;
  • threats related to technogenic and natural phenomena.

Measures to ensure business security It is almost impossible to create and implement effective business security measures without assistance from professional because the competence of the company’s employees, level of knowledge and lack of practical experience prevent from doing it independently.

Activities carried out and integrated measures applied by our specialists in the fight with threats to business includes three main stages:

  • the avoidance of threats (preventive measures, when a threat does not have effects yet but potentially exists);
  • identification of threats (measures that allow identifying a threat as soon as it arises);
  • elimination of consequences (measures, which are applied when the threat no longer exists).


The integrated services we provide ensure the establishment, implementation, and supervision of an effective personnel selection and management system; equitable control of the personnel activities in order to ensure the transparency of the company administration’s activities; verification of the reliability of information provided by employees; identification of employees’ conflicts of interests; development, implementation, and supervision of legal and technical measures for the protection of commercial secret; performance of investigations related to the loss or transfer of commercial secret; effective measures to combat black PR; positive business image-building; resolution of conflicts with competitors or other entities unfriendly towards your business; property or personal security; introduction of an effective system against industrial espionage; business intelligence; representation before courts, pre-trial investigation institutions, etc.



The integrated business security measures we offer, which are intended for investors, company shareholders or company managers interested in an effective and profitable business, eliminate both obvious and hardly traceable obstacles to business development and effective management and create a significant added value.