The purpose of our work is to make so that the benefit of the final result would exceed any costs incurred by the Client.

The Lithuanian proverbial wisdom teaches: “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things.” So, we cannot afford offering our Clients cheap services because we are the best in our field and, therefore, resolve problems in the most efficient way. We follow the provision that our Clients should get only what is the best.

Our experience shows that the ratio between the price of our services and value added meets the Clients’ expectations because our Clients are well aware that money is earned, while no one can return or compensate lost time and damaged health.

The prices of the services we provide depend on complexity, volume, location of the work and many other circumstances.

Meetings, talks, and consultations before signing an agreement will cost you zero.

Sometimes, a talk at a cup of coffee or tea and professional, free advice is enough to solve a problem.

The fact that the expectations of our Clients are fully satisfied is illustrated by a saying of one of our regular Client: “I am happy and know that it is not services for what I pay but for my peace of mind and certainty that my problems really will be solved.”