Crisis management

Any company may face a crisis situation, the consequences of which can prove very costly and affect the reputation.

As a rule, a critical situation is described by the following attributes:

  • The absence of detailed information about the incident;
  • The rapid and unpredictable development of the situation;
  • The lack of funds and resources for an effective and prompt crisis adjustment;
  • The of loss of control over the situation;
  • Increased attention from mass media.

Crisis situations almost always become a surprise. In addition, each crisis situation arises and develops individually; therefore, there exist no concrete, ready-made action programmes, which would ensure a proper and rapid way out from the crisis. However, such a situation can and must be prepared for by planning appropriate steps, management of the company in the event of a crisis and what specialists will undertake its management. In any event, the management of a crisis requires inviting external consultants in order to avoid even smallest subjectivity in assessing the situation and preparing a crisis response plan. The most effective crisis management mode is the involvement of professionals with experience of work in crisis situations. In order to respond to a situation as soon as possible, a company should know and prepare in advance contact details of crisis management specialists.

Our specialists have unique experience in dealing with different types of crisis situations in various countries of the world and are ready to immediately take effective, practice-proven measures to resolve a problem.