Business advice

Resolving a problem often requires specialists and consultants in various fields, whose experience and teamwork is the best method to resolve your problem.


General management consulting (management consulting). The consultants provide assistance in solving problems with the the object of advisory itself and its development perspectives. The consultants assess the overall status of the organisation and its environment; identify the objectives and value system of the organisation; design a common development strategy; prepare forecasts; address issues relating to the setting-up of branches, departments and new companies; form of ownership or change of the composition of owners; acquisition of assets, shares or holdings; improvement of the organisational structure, etc. development and etc. Tasks of this kind are effectively handled only by consultants teams brought together of relevant specialists with practical business experience. Normally, the implementation of such projects requires a lot of time.

Administrative management (administrative) consultations The consultants provide assistance in resolving such issues as company formation and registration, office work organisation, data processing, administrative control system, etc. Their main task is to optimise the management of the organisation. The consultants work out recommendations on the following issues: the distribution of functions between divisions and departments; optimisation of the number of management levels; work discipline control; document management; office and equipment planning, etc.

Finance management consultations The consultants carry out the financial analysis of the company; work out recommendations on ways of financing; develop programmes to attract investments; design schemes to restore solvency and manage financial flows of the company; handle tax matters and maintain accounting, credits, and insurance; assess the price of companies or assets; develop business plans. The main tasks include search for sources of financial resources, assessment and improvement of the current financial efficiencies of the operations of the organisation, and strengthening of the financial condition of the organisation for future.

Personnel management consultations The consultants seek to use the personnel of the company as optimally as possible. Personnel management consultants develop solutions related to such issues as personnel selection, personnel composition control, remuneration system, qualification improvement and personnel management, safety at work, and psychological climate in the collective.

Marketing consultations The consultants seek that the company achieves its objectives in adequate interaction with the market. The task of marketing consultants is to ensure such operation of the company that to create the actual demand for its products and services. They analyse the market and take decisions related to sales, marketing, advertising, development of new products, packaging, warranting service, etc.

Production organisation consultations The consultants provide advice on production cycle matters: provision of materials and technical equipment; selection of the production process technology; operation and maintenance of equipment; supply of the materials and their internal distribution; work distribution scheme; direct production operations management; production planning and control; productivity promotion; production costs analysis; production quality assessment and control; packaging; production improvement. The consultants possess not only managerial, but also specific engineering and technical knowledge.

Information technology consultations The consultants help managers to take decisions related to the purchase and routine maintenance of hardware, data processing and transfer; use of hardware and software in data processing; protection of information systems and data, etc. The consultants have years of experience and can perform duties of specialists in specialised information technology companies, including duties of software and hardware developers or hardware distributors.

Accounting organisation, maintenance, restoration or improvement consultations The accounting consultants advise clients on issues relating to accounting procedures and technology (software), use of accounting information in controlling the financial matters of the organisation (budget and expenditure ratio, turnover of goods, supplies and needs value), in drawing up annual reports to shareholders, external auditors, the tax inspectorate, predicting the liquidity of organisations. In case of necessity, they advise on keeping of accounts.

Tax consultations It is one of the main fields of the activities of our company because many of problems are related to the complex taxation system in our country, a high number of judicial disputes on taxes. Among the services provided in this area, the defence of the Clients’ interests in tax authorities, prejudicial investigation authorities and court as well as tax planning and taxation optimisation enjoy the the biggest demand from the Clients.

Business process re-engineering consultations It is the transformation of business with the purpose of the essential improvement of important operating indicators of an organisation (company). When carrying out restructuring, crisis restructuring and development restructuring are usually distinguished.

Public relations consultations The activities of the consultants are aimed at providing the public with a positive, and at the same time specific, distinctive image of goods or a company with the use of media (advertisements, interviews, articles, publications, etc.), sending of advertising materials by post and preparing various events (conferences, support events, etc.). These activities are directed to the general public, governmental bodies, shareholders and employees of the company itself.

Educational consultations and services Courses, conferences, round-table events, seminars and workshops (at or outside the workplace), during which the consultants do not create any management decisions, but convey to managers their knowledge of how they are taken, or provide them with general information on certain issues.