Legal services in criminal proceedings and punishment enforcement proceedings

The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania establishes that:

A person shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to the procedure established by law and declared guilty by an effective court judgement.

A person charged with committing a crime shall have the right to a public and fair hearing of his case by an independent and impartial court.

It shall be prohibited to compel anyone to give evidence against himself, or his family members or close relatives.

Punishment may be imposed or applied only on the grounds established by law.

No one may be punished twice for the same offence.

A person suspected of committing a crime, as well as the accused, shall be guaranteed, from the moment of his apprehension or first interrogation, the right to defence, as well as the right to an advocate.


Advocates will help you to ensure the exercise of the constitutional rights of natural and legal persons at all stages of criminal proceedings. They will provide professional legal advice, defend and represent you in pre-trial investigation and in court and, if necessary, in the proceedings of the enforcement of the punishment imposed by the court.

The selection of a defender is a very important and responsible decision, which requires adequate attention. The improper choice of an advocate may lead not only to unreasonably high financial costs, but also condemn you to unjustly punishment or even imprisonment.

The experts in criminal law and criminal proceedings working in our team, with their vast and unique experience, perfect knowledge of criminal proceedings, work and methods of pre-trial investigation institutions, the prosecutor’s office, and field investigation entities, will objectively evaluate the complexity and scale of our problems, help you to choose the best defender and ensure that you are properly and competently defended in order to ensure your rights and legitimate interests and compensation of any damage.

Without qualified professional assistance, it is particularly difficult to a person to prove his innocence or a lesser degree of guilt, to secure constitutional and other personal rights, to be confident that he will be allowed to exercise all the rights granted by law to defend himself from allegations, to collect and provide evidence, to present qualified explanations, to submit requests, to appeal against actions of officers, etc.

History knows many cases when innocent persons were sentenced, while those guilty were discharged. Therefore, our experience and knowledge will help you to avoid unjustified charges. If you have suffered from criminal actions, we will help you to achieve that guilty persons are punished and that damage caused to you is justly compensated.

Although most often the assistance of an advocate is necessary for a suspect or an accused, it should also be remembered that professional assistance is equally important in criminal proceedings to the victim, the witness or the civil claimant. It is the latter participants in criminal proceedings who often are not only left without qualified assistance but also are not aware that they have the right to receive it. In our opinion, those persons should know their rights and properly exercise them in order to defend their interests and protect their assets. To such persons, we provide all necessary advice and services and, where necessary, care about their security or security of their family members or their assets.

Even if the court has prescribed a punishment, the need for and the importance of qualified legal assistance do not diminish because the further fate of the sentenced person often depends on the proper implementation of his rights and guarantees in punishment enforcement proceedings. Professional legal assistance can speed up an early release of the sentenced person or to achieve the satisfaction of the petition for mercy or expungement of conviction.