Legal services for legal persons

To legal persons (their founders, shareholders, stakeholders of cooperative companies and unions and other members of legal persons), we provide the following services of lawyers and advocates of the highest qualification:

  • Resolution of disputes between legal persons and disputes of legal persons with third parties with the purpose of protecting property and non-property interests;
  • Advice to shareholders and representation of shareholders at shareholders’ meetings.
  • The drawing-up of agreements on the transfer of shares, companies, and business, etc.;
  • The establishment, reorganisation, and winding-up of legal persons of all forms;
  • The organisation, implementation, and support of the circulation of corporate documents;
  • The drawing-up and implementation control of internal procedures, rules, regulations and other local legislation;
  • Services in negotiations and in drawing-up and concluding transactions;
  • The drawing-up of all types of documents (contracts, agreements, procedures, regulations, rules, statements, etc.) and legal evaluation of documents for the maximum protection of the interests of the Client;
  • Supervision over the execution of contracts and other related legal services.
  • Services in labour legal relations (the drawing-up of employment contracts, management of problematic labour legal relations, drafting of agreements, representation in negotiations, etc.);
  • Services relating to the pre-trial settlement of commercial disputes (negotiations, conclusion of amicable settlements, etc.);
  • Services in the settlement of disputes related to illegal exploitation of trademarks, copyright, unfair competition, etc.;
  • Representation in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration;
  • Representation in all pre-trial investigation institutions, in any other state/municipal institutions, bodies and/or organisations, etc.;
  • Services related to real estate development and regulation (representation in territorial planning procedures, land acquisition, contract work legal relations, etc.);
  • Debt collection services;
  • Other legal services according to the needs of the Client.


In providing the services, we apply latest knowledge in various fields of law and provide only effective, practical solutions for organising your business.

The above list of services does not cover all of our services, but only reflects the main lines of our activities.

To find out whether we can provide the specific services you need, please get in touch with us.